"We, The Arena Football League Players Union ... Pay respect to our football predecessors for their courage, sacrifice, and leadership; ... Commit to preserve and enhance the democratic process for and by our members; ... Commit our efforts to do what is necessary for the benefit of our membership - To protect the strength of our membership and pursue achievement of goals not yet attained"


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The AFLPU Agent Certification regulations and application are now ONLINE in the AGENT section. If you are an Agent or desire to become certified to represent AFLPU players we encourage you to apply today!

If you are a Player in ANY other Arena/Indoor Football League or an NCAA collegiate athlete and you desire to explore the organizing process to be fairly represented please contact the AFLPU at 1-800-585-0248 x 1 or x 2. All information will be kept confidential.

The AFLPU is seeking interns for a few positions. If you have an interest in the Labor movement and have skills in IT, Social Media, Legal or Union organizing please forward your resume to the AFLPU at info@aflpu.org .


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